Would You Recognize These 10 Makeup-Free Celebrities If They Walked By You On The Street?


You’re probably used to seeing your favorite celebrities all glammed up whether they are walking the red carpet to an award show or they are making an appearance at a charity event. However, celebs don’t actually wear makeup 24/7.

We’re willing to bet that you won’t recognize some of these makeup-free celebs.


1. Gwyneth Paltrow


This fresh-faced beauty wasn’t the least bit shy to share a selfie without any makeup. Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazing both with and without makeup, but would you be able to recognize her if she stepped out looking like this? Perhaps this is how she manages to avoid crowds.


2. Kelly Clarkson


The very first American Idol winner knows all about going makeup free. As a busy mom, Clarkson rarely has time to get dolled up. She saves the heavy foundation and eyeshadow for events, but prefers to spend her days focused on other things. Heck, most moms are lucky if they can sneak in a shower! 


3. Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen is known for doing some seriously major fashion photo shoots, but she certainly looks different without makeup. It doesn’t make her any less beautiful, of course, and her hubby, John Legend, agrees. He shared this photo of his gorgeous wife with the caption, “no filter necessary.”

You might not believe what this next celeb looks like without makeup.


4. Britney Spears


The legendary Ms. Britney Spears spends a great deal of time in a makeup chair each night that she performs in Las Vegas. However, when she’s kickin’ it around her home, she doesn’t always wear makeup. The “Piece of Me” singer looks very different when she’s not all glam.

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