What Living In A World Where AI Reads Your Emotions Looks Like

5. It Could Help Sick People Who Need Assistance


Anyone trying to recover or get healthier could benefit from a healthcare assistant, and if we used emotional AI, that would help better improve the recovery of these patients.

Someone with dementia or Alzheimers could have a more accessible helper all hours of the day instead of having to hire a nurse for a limited time. AI could also help people with autism or Asperger Syndrome better understand human emotion as well. Aside from improving our quality of life, emotional AI can make things more fun too!


6. Video Games Would Become So Much More Stressful


We’ve already developed video games that get more difficult as you become more stressed during gameplay, and that’s only going to get more advanced. Emotional AI would be able to adjust the difficulty in a more customized way so it’s more challenging for a person depending on their skill level.


7. By Creating AI To Understand Us, We Might Understand Ourselves A Little Better


Of course, we can’t overlook how emotional AI is helpful in understanding our own emotions. Humans haven’t quite perfected the ability to measure a person’s emotions just yet, so perhaps AI will beat us to it!

You probably had a moment today where you questioned someone’s emotions. Was that person at the drive-thru mad you asked for an extra sauce? Did you make what you thought was a harmless comment that actually offended your significant other? Creating software that can recognize our emotions might help us understand them better ourselves along the way.


8. It Still Could Be Dangerous


Like all powerful technology, if it gets into the wrong hands it could be dangerous. Advertisers are already using facial reactions to measure a consumer’s response to an ad. Using human emotions to sell products and services can be manipulative and take advantage of those who don’t fully understand their own emotions. AI could tell if you’re bored and make something designed more specifically to you, doing whatever it takes to make sure you buy the product being advertised.

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