What Living In A World Where AI Reads Your Emotions Looks Like

9. We Might Not Be Able To Fully Trust Emotional AI


Even if we did perfect emotional AI, how could we trust it? We can’t even fully rely on a clock or a calculator, so would it be ethical to use artificial AI as, say, a therapist? Police officers? Teachers? They might seem like the best option, but we can’t know the effects of mingling AI and human emotions until we can conduct long-term studies.


10. It Might Be Able To Recognize Our Emotions, But Will It Understand Them?


In a world where AI can perfectly recognize our emotions, does that mean they’ll be able to understand them? It’s just like with humans. If you haven’t lost a parent yourself, you might not be able to fully understand your friend’s experience of their mother dying. AI is more simple than that, however. Will we ever create AI that’s happy, sad, angry, and regretful? So many factors go into our emotions as well, like if we’re hungry or tired. It seems the more developed our society becomes, the more questions we have to ask.

Can emotion even be artificial?

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