There’s A Piece Of American Soil That You Can Only Get To Through Canada (And No, It’s Not Alaska)!


What if I told you that there’s a little slice of American land that you have to travel through another country to see? I know what you’re thinking, but no, I’m not talking about Alaska!

I’m talking about an extremely small piece of American land located off a dirt road in Canada that isn’t guarded by any traditional border.

Ready to be in two places at once?

America Shares A Distinct Border With Canada

Canada and the United States share the largest border in the entire world, stretching from the state of Washington to Maine.

Although once you cross the border you are no longer in American territory, there is one peculiar exception to the rule.


There is an extremely small patch of land that appears to be Canadian land, but it falls within United States territory.

This tiny area is an example of a “practical exclave,” which is defined as a portion of land that can only be reached by traveling through a different country.

This Place Is As Interesting As It Sounds

This area of land is named Province Point, and it is one of the four practical exclaves in the United States.

To visit this remarkable part of the U.S., you have to cross the border into Canada at the Champlain border Crossing in New York.

Scouting NY

You then get to travel through a very rural portion of Quebec, which includes endless farms and quaint antique shops.

After driving twenty minutes towards the obscure Province Point, you will reach a dirt road.

Getting To This Landmark Takes Some Risks

Finding Province Point takes some serious adventurer skills.

You will have to travel down a Private Road, which makes this journey a little tricky and rather unsettling.

Scouting NY

You will be forced to park and walk through a wooded path to find the marker for Province Point.

The route will take you up a dirt path, and don’t expect to see any flashy signs or distinct border lines!

Only One Thing Divides The Two Countries

The diving line between America and the United States is marked by a monument.

The monument reads “Border” with the date August 9th, 1842, when the border was officially put in place.

@hugh_jorgyn via Reddit

The land is rather untouched other than the monument, with the path being surrounded by trees and an open field.

Across the way, you can see the United States, somewhere in the distance.

This is quite the sight to see — a little piece of history that literally falls off the grid!

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