Times Ancient Aliens Was Kinda Onto Something, But Overplayed Their Hand


The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens is a show which is the subject of much derision in popular culture and let’s be honest, it often deserves it. Yet, in amongst all the garbage, there are often good points.

The problem is, those points are then ridiculously exaggerated and the show completely loses the script. Let’s take a look at the times when they got things right or at least, almost right.


1. The Book Of Enoch Suggests Alien Abduction

Wikimedia Commons

Enoch, purported author of the apocryphal¬†Book of Enoch, was taken up to heaven by an angel in what appears to be a flying saucer and “walked faithfully with God 300 years” before returning, according to the religious text. It’s not proof of aliens, but it is suggestive of them as the show pointed out.


2. Puma Punku Was Created By Aliens


Puma Punku is full of great stone structures, and there is a mystery attached to them; the stones were clearly cut with diamond-tipped instruments which wouldn’t have been invented yet. The History Channel says “aliens,” but we already know that the Aymara Indians built the place, we just don’t know how.


3. Cave Drawings Prove Aliens

Wikimedia Commons

Ancient Aliens is quite right to say that there are cave paintings all around the world which appear to depict inhuman figures. The trouble is that it’s a bit of a stretch to assume this means “aliens.” They could be the feverish (or plant-induced) hallucinations of sick cave dwellers or it might just be they weren’t very good at art.

4. The Antikythera Mechanism Is An Alien Computer


The show says that this complicated mechanism couldn’t have been created with ancient Greek technology and must have been made by aliens. The problem with this theory is that it’s not advanced enough to use on any kind of spaceship, so why would aliens have regressed so much in the first place? The Antikythera mechanism is certainly an enigma from 150 B.C. but really all it seems to tell us is that there’s a lot we don’t know about the capabilities of past civilizations.

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