So You Had A Bad Day? These 20 Things Will Prove That Your Life Isn’t A James Blunt Song

Everyone has a bad day here and there. Whether it’s because of a break-up or a mean boss, our moods can swing south at the drop of a hat.

However, we have the power to fight it. How? Memes and puppies, my friend. Memes and puppies. If the adorable-ness of #4 doesn’t tickle your fancy, then I’m not sure you’re actually alive.


1. His Timing Was Flatulent


When it comes to silent farts, timing is everything. This kid found that out the hard way after hitting himself with the ultimate one-two punch in the middle of math.

You may be having a bad day, but at least you didn’t almost poop yourself in front of an audience of your peers (hopefully).


2. Dog TV

Just Something

Some dogs are huge fans of watching TV. Others, like this enthralled canine, prefer their entertainment in more… unusual ways.

It is difficult to tell if he is a fan of the fish or is hunting them as his next prey. Whatever the case, this dog probably loves aquariums more than you.


3. Puns Beat Pervs Every Time


Ah, the old “send pics” text. It’s the classic pervy request that plagues the texts of girls everywhere.

But instead of shying away from the proposition, this girl went all in with a pun that would make your grandmother weep.


4. Straight Savagery

Just Something

Where catfights have the potential to be scary, kitten fights can only be adorable. Honestly, I’m not sure if that cat is trying to fight or give a hug. Either way, I’m in.

If you’re in the mood for adorable animals, the canine at #8 might make your heart melt.

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