So You Had A Bad Day? These 20 Things Will Prove That Your Life Isn’t A James Blunt Song

5. Shaq: Panda Master


Shaq is a man of many talents. From schooling people on the court to humiliating himself with his rap album, the former NBA superstar even has a fondness for pandas.

Honestly, this is a match made in Heaven. Shaq and Kobe were a great duo, but Shaq and this baby panda are the real MVPs.


6. The Happiest Snake


Snakes do not have a reputation for being kind. Usually, people shy away from these slithering reptiles, but this snake is making a case to give his kind a chance.

It’s difficult to tell if this snake is smiling or if it simply has no teeth. Regardless, this certainly put a smile on my face.


7. No Shame, No Problems

Just Something

This is the otter equivalent of searching for the straw with your mouth. For humans, it’s an embarrassing ordeal, but this otter has no shame – and it’s wonderful.

Speaking of shame, #13 shows the truth behind cat-to-human evolution.


8. This Dog Is An Ice Cream Cone


Dogs are undoubtedly great. Ice cream, too, is top notch. But those things combined? Why, that’s how you get this adorable little pup.

If you’re having a bad day, a scoopful of this doggy is a surefire cure for your blues.

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