So You Had A Bad Day? These 20 Things Will Prove That Your Life Isn’t A James Blunt Song

9. Sassy Loki


Being a giant Marvel villain doesn’t leave much room for goofing off – or so we thought. Loki can be savage at times, but his sassiness makes his savagery worth it.

If Loki’s sick dance moves impress you, then the water-bending powers of the tiny superhero at #15 will blow your mind.


10. One Stride Too Many

Just Something

If you can’t empathize with this dog’s emotional journey, then you must not truly be human.

From the initial moment of hope to the acceleration, the feeling that you can run faster than the wind, to… whatever the dog turned into at the end, this animal knows our struggles.


11. They See Me Rollin’


Not everyone can have a brand-new Mustang, but who needs a Mustang when you’ve got a ride like this?

This girl’s unabashed love for all things Barbie is beyond inspiring. Just remember: you might be having a bad day, but at least you’re driving a full-sized car. Probably.


12. The Odd One Out

Just Something

One of these things is not like the other, even though they are all adorable. This train of sleeping puppies is so cute it hurts.

Cheering up is one thing, but if you’re looking for a good time, #17 has the incredibly cryptic number you should call.

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