So You Had A Bad Day? These 20 Things Will Prove That Your Life Isn’t A James Blunt Song

13. How Humans Are Made

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For all of time, scientists naively believed that humans evolved from distant non-human ancestors. However, this photo clearly proves science to be incredibly wrong.

If there was ever a time to begin worshipping our cat-based gods, it would be now.


14. On The Shoulders Of Giants

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Everyone needs some help from their friends – even if your friends are giant mammals from a different species.

This kind of relationship is always heartwarming, but the one at #19? Well, let’s just say that Gucci Mane and his judge are definitely not friends.


15. The Last Waterbender

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While The Last Airbender had a horrible live-action release, this kid proves that Airbender is more than just a cartoon.

What’s concerning about this picture isn’t the water-bending itself, but what this kid’s insides look like. Quite possibly the clearest colon of all time.


16. When You’re On A Diet

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Diets can be hard, but know that it’s not just humans going through it. To this bashful walrus, that bouquet of fish might as well be a few extra laps around the swimming pool.

So for those of you struggling through a Weight Watchers’ diet, fear not: this walrus feels your pain.

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