The Destruction Of Puerto Rico Has A Surprisingly Bad Impact On The World’s Bees

9. If These Bees Die, We’ll Basically Have To Start Over On Bee Research


If the rest of the Puerto Rican bees die, we’ll have to start all over in terms of bee research. It’s not just a recipe scientists can mix up in a test tube. These bees evolved and benefitted from generations of natural selection to rid themselves of the bad genes and help the good ones grow stronger.

The story’s not all bleak. There is a ray of hope.


10. Bees Are No Longer Declining


Bee populations at large have stopped declining, and are gradually working their way in the other direction; this means that the world has reaped some positive benefit from bee research already.

However, bees still face key threats, so the most important thing, for now, is to hope that the Puerto Rican bees can survive through the next few months as the island rebuilds itself.

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