The (Insanely Gory) True Story Of Braveheart’s Robert The Bruce


It’s no secret that Hollywood has a tendency to exaggerate the truth. After all, the purpose of movies is typically to entertain, not to teach. For this reason, it’s not usually the case that movies downplay the drama of reality. When it comes to the brutal tale of Robert the Bruce, however, Braveheart did just that.


1. What’s In A Name?


Believe it or not, the very title of the movie reflects a major historical inaccuracy; William Wallace was not referred to as Braveheart. It was actually Robert the Bruce who had earned the title for himself, as he was the one who ultimately went on to lead the Scottish to freedom.


2. Captain Commitment


The movie may have portrayed him as a bit of a hesitant flake, but in real life Robert the Bruce was the exact opposite. The future Scottish king was known for his intense commitment to the liberation of his homeland, something which united him with William Wallace in the first place.


3. Going Gangster


Robert the Bruce wasn’t just powerful because of his noble background; the man wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty when it was necessary to the cause. Historians have found records of one meeting with a political rival in which Robert suddenly abandoned the facade of diplomacy, fatally stabbed the man, and stole his horse.


4. Killer King


In 1314, Robert the Bruce led Scotland to their single most historic victory, the Battle of Bannockburn. Right from the get-go, Robert sought to show the enemy that he meant business. He swiftly sliced an approaching English knight right down the middle in his very first act of combat.

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