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  • 10 Celebs Who Prove Very Successful People Are Also Gigantic Slobs

    Did you know that creative, intelligent people tend to live¬†messier¬†lifestyles than most? At least, so say scientists. Many of the famous names on this list are known for being untidy, night owls, pottymouths, and may even skimp on hygiene. With such busy lives, who has time for cleanliness?   1. Albert Einstein Pixabay Aside from […] More

  • 10 Celebrities Who You Won’t Believe Are Actually Geniuses

    Just about everyone enjoys watching television and movies in some capacity, and we all have our favorite actors — ones that just seem to nail their talents and bring to life some of the most amazing characters. Some of these actors, however, don’t just have on-screen charisma. Some of them are actually geniuses! Check out […] More

  • Crazy Nikola Tesla Inventions That Never Saw The Light Of Day

    With the world-changing contributions Nikola Tesla made to energy systems, power grids, and even radio communications, it’s no wonder Elon Musk and other major innovators of today cite him as an influence. However, much like today’s inventors, Tesla’s ambition often produced some ideas that never came to life. Once you see them, you’ll get why. […] More

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    You’re Probably Taller Than These Celebrities

    There’s a lot about celebrities we don’t know just from seeing them on the screen again and again, including their height! A few on this list have big enough personalities to make their short statures come as even more of a surprise. Or maybe less–Napoleon complex anyone? 1. Kanye West Wikimedia With such an aggressive […] More

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    The Biggest Names In Hollywood Who Never Actually Went To School For Acting

    A good actor has the distinct ability to make us suspend our disbelief for a couple of hours. Most actors receive years of training from the time they are young. It takes persistence, determination, and a good education in pretending to be other people to make it in show business. However, there is an exception […] More

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    Wow, Charles Manson’s Trial Was Absolutely Insane

    It has been nearly 50 years since the Manson Family cult brutally murdered actress Sharon Tate and four of her friends at her Los Angeles home in 1969. Charles Manson, leader of the group, has since become one of the most thoroughly-studied figures in modern history. Now that he’s dead and gone, there’s been renewed […] More

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    The Real Names Of These Celebrities Will Make You Laugh

    Stage names are more common than you think, even among the A-list stars of today. There are a lot of reasons for an up-and-coming star to want to change their name — maybe their real name was already claimed in the union, or maybe their real name just sounds weird (looking at you, Tom Cruise). […] More

  • Celebrities Who Are Always Mistaken For Someone More Famous

    Ah, life is hard, isn’t it? One minute, you’re walking down the street in your designer dress shoes just enjoying being Brad Pitt. Then, suddenly, someone is telling you they loved your work in Magic Mike. There’s just one problem. You weren’t in Magic Mike, were you, Brad Pitt? More