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  • Study Shows This Classic N64 Game Could Help Old Folks With Memory

    Children worldwide are often told to limit video gaming, with parents claiming it will rot their young impressionable minds. Well kids, make some room on the couch for grandpa; scientists just found out that defeating Bowser saves more than just Princess Peach. Playing video games, it seems, can help build grey matter in the brain even […] More

  • This Famous Smoking, Drinking BEAR Was Also A Soldier In WWII Who Saw Combat

    On April 8, 1942, the Polish Army’s 22nd Transport Company’s Artillery Division was traveling from Iran to Palestine. The last thing they expected to find was a baby bear. That bear went on to become a smoking, drinking, machine gun-toting war hero and legend. We know this sounds insane, but it’s 100% true. Come see! […] More

  • That Starting Wallpaper On Your Device? Meet The Photographer Who Takes Them All

    Who knew, right? One look at any of those familiar desktop wallpapers, and automatically you end up wondering: are they real? They don’t look real! Oh, but they are. They were taken by a rather famous 75-year-old who still holds the record for the most-viewed photo ever. His name is Charles O’Rear. You might recognize this one shot […] More

  • Could Genetic Editing Give Us Real-Life ‘Rampage’ Monsters?

    If you watched the trailer for the upcoming Rock actioner Rampage (based on the video game series of the same name), then you probably heard Naomie Harris’ character drop the sciencey term “genetic editing.” Basically, by altering a gorilla, wolf or alligator at the genetic level, you can get giant, city-crushing monsters. Sounds scary, but […] More