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  • Nine Ways Parents Can Turn Their Kids Into Successful Adults

    Every parent wants to see their kid(s) have a better life than they did when they grow up. Though it can seem like kids these days are a lot different than you were, there are some key things studies have shown every parent can do to prepare their kids for success as an adult, and […] More

  • The Scientific Reason You’re Binge-Watching The Office For The 47th Time

    Everyone has at least one go-to film, book, or TV show that they can turn to whenever they’re in need of a familiar comfort watch. Our compulsion to re-watch old favorites is something that confuses psychologists and sociologists to this day. Read on to learn some interesting theories and all-too-relatable facts about the phenomenon…   […] More

  • How Long Should You Dunk An Oreo? A Scientific Perspective

    Pixabay While the chocolate chip cookie will always be a cult classic, Oreos have long been known as “Milk’s favorite cookie,” a claim they proudly boast on their adhesive blue wrapping. But this seemingly innocuous title poses a dilemma Oreo fanatics face every time they encounter a cookie and a glass of milk: how long […] More

  • Are You Hilarious? Then You Are Smart And Successful, According To Science

    Do your friends find you funny? Is hanging out with you a barrel of laughs? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you are in for some great news! Laugh Your Way To Success Pixabay Researchers in Austria suggest that funny people have a higher level of intelligence compared to their less humorous peers. […] More

  • The Destruction Of Puerto Rico Has A Surprisingly Bad Impact On The World’s Bees

    Hurricane Maria was the worst recorded natural disasters to ever hit the island of Puerto Rico. While many lives were lost and millions of dollars worth of property destroyed, something else barely anyone is talking about happened, and it has worldwide implications. In addition to the human cost of the hurricane, a large population of […] More

  • Hi, I’m Ball Lightning. Science Can’t Explain Me

    “Ball lightning” is our name for luminous balls of unexplainable energy that appear in the strangest of places. They’re notorious for damaging buildings and scaring the living daylights out of people. Tens of thousands of cases around the globe have been documented over the last few centuries. Often, ball lightning accompanies thunderstorms and can leave behind […] More