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    Looking for some unique last-minute gift ideas for your loved ones? Look to their Christmas stockings, and plan to fill them with inspired homemade presents. Everyone loves a gift that comes from the heart, and making something cool and different will make for a memorable holiday. Check out some of these great and simple ideas […] More

  • Have You Ever Wondered Why We Hiccup?

    Who doesn’t hate their sentences being rudely interrupted by the belch-like noises known as hiccups? For many, these annoying little anomalies are a bane to mankind’s existence. A touch dramatic? Perhaps, but why do we hiccup in the first place? What Causes Hiccups? No one knows the real reason that the dreaded hiccups start, but […] More

  • How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Christmas God

    If opening presents is the best part of Christmas, then wrapping presents has got to be one of the worst parts. It’s a chore, but it does not have to be nearly as terrible as it has been in the past. It doesn’t matter if you’re all thumbs and hate dressing up gifts – this […] More