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  • 10 Celebs Who Prove Very Successful People Are Also Gigantic Slobs

    Did you know that creative, intelligent people tend to live messier lifestyles than most? At least, so say scientists. Many of the famous names on this list are known for being untidy, night owls, pottymouths, and may even skimp on hygiene. With such busy lives, who has time for cleanliness?   1. Albert Einstein Pixabay Aside from […] More

  • Historical Facts That Go Against Everything You Were Ever Told

    When you were in school, history was either one of your favorite subjects or one you dreaded, with pretty much no in-between. Who cares about what a bunch of old dead people did, amirite? But whether you adored or despised it, pretty much all of us got an education that left out some key historical […] More

  • This Guy Photoshops Your Pics On Request, But Be Careful What You Wish For

    James Fridman is a graphic artist and Photoshop whiz who has become famous for taking requests to alter photos on Twitter and other social media sites. He has millions of followers across all of his sites. His alterations are always to the requested specifications, but usually aren’t exactly what the person who requested the changes had in mind. One thing is certain, though. The results are always hilarious. More

  • The Surprising Origins Of 10 Thanksgiving Traditions

    Thanksgiving is infamous for unusually large portions of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. However, Thanksgiving is also known for a handful of other traditions, some that began having absolutely nothing to do with the holiday itself. What are these strange Thanksgiving customs, and how did they come to be?  More