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  • ocean

    So, The Ocean Used To Be Purple

    In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean… purple? Sounds crazy, but that’d be the rhyme if Columbus was around 1.8 billion years ago, according to scientists. Purple Haze Scientists have differed in opinion on what was happening to the Earth’s oceans when oxygen levels began to rise during the mid-Proterozoic period. Wikimedia Commons The […] More

  • earth

    How To Show Your Dumb Friend That The Earth Is Indeed Round

    The recent Flat Earth movement has taken science by surprise – and not in a good way. With celebrities like B.O.B. and Kyle Irving coming out as supporters of the idea that the Earth is flat, a few famous people have once again undermined science by giving the theory the perception of validity. However, with literal […] More

  • reforestation

    Great News! Huge Reforestation Project Might Save The World

    Over the past two decades, around 20 percent of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil has vanished. Experts are concerned about another projected 20 percent reduction in the Amazon over the next 20 years if deforestation continues on its current course. But don’t count Planet Earth out yet. There’s a significant effort underway to reverse the […] More

  • smartphone

    Every Terrible Trend On The Rise Linked To Smartphone Use

    It seems we rely on our cell phones more and more each day. You can’t go to the supermarket without running into people who are fixated on their screens. With increased use comes more research on the short and long-term effects of cell phone use. As you’re about to see, the results are anything but […] More

  • space

    This Man Spent A Year In Space And Might Die Because Of It

    After spending a year in space, astronaut Scott Kelly has been undergoing some horrific problems with his body. If Kelly’s medical reports are anything to go by, the Final Frontier can wreak absolute havoc on the human anatomy. From blurred vision to other, more fatal symptoms, Kelly recounts the toll space has taken on him […] More