10 Celebrities Who You Won’t Believe Are Actually Geniuses

Just about everyone enjoys watching television and movies in some capacity, and we all have our favorite actors — ones that just seem to nail their talents and bring to life some of the most amazing characters. Some of these actors, however, don’t just have on-screen charisma. Some of them are actually geniuses!

Check out these 10 celebs who are both talented and super smart.


1. Natalie Portman

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Actress Natalie Portman has an IQ of 140. She did extremely well in high school and went on to attend Harvard University. While attending the most prestigious school in the country, she was a research assistant for the well-known law professor, Alan Dershowitz. It was so important that Portman got an education, in fact, that she took a break from her acting career to further her schooling.


2. Matt Damon


Believe it or not, Matt Damon’s role as a math genius in Good Will Hunting was totally relatable to him. Damon attended Harvard University himself — it’s where he started writing the film’s screenplay. We bet you didn’t know that Matt Damon has an IQ of 135!


3. Madonna


Madonna is one of the most successful and iconic female entertainers in the world. She has had countless hits and puts on a heck of a show — but she’s talented in more ways than you might realize. She has an IQ of 140, and while she didn’t attend college, she did extremely well in high school.


4. Kesha


“Praying” singer Kesha is either a really good test taker, or she’s extremely smart — or maybe it’s a little bit of both. Before she became famous, Kesha was just a normal school kid. Well, except for the fact that she scored a 1500 on her SATs! She dropped out of school to focus on her music career — but that doesn’t take away from how smart she is!

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