Celebrities Who Are Always Mistaken For Someone More Famous

Ah, life is hard, isn’t it? One minute, you’re walking down the street in your designer dress shoes just enjoying being Brad Pitt. Then, suddenly, someone is telling you they loved your work in Magic Mike.

There’s just one problem. You weren’t in Magic Mike, were you, Brad Pitt?

Sigh. Oh well, at least you’re not the only superstar that gets confused for an A-list peer…


12. Jessica Chastain & Bryce Dallas Howard

DreamWorks Pictures

Redheads are a notoriously rare breed, so it comes as no surprise that two famous ones might be easy to confuse. In the case of these two leading ladies, their near-identical (and notably stunning) looks don’t make it any easier.


11. Travis Barker & Carey Hart


These two look so similar, even Ellen DeGeneres can’t keep them straight. On the red carpet with Carey Hart (motorcycle pro and husband of P!nk), the comedian accidentally confused him for the Blink-182 rocker. Talk about embarrassing!


10. Amy Adams & Isla Fisher

Atlas Entertainment

Yet another set of A-list redheads has made the list. This highly-skilled, highly-stunning pair has even acknowledged the confusion in interviews, with both ladies confirming that people (including some fellow celebrities) have mistaken the actresses for one another.


9. Andy Samberg & Andrew Garfield

NBC Studios

Andy Samberg and his equally A-list wife musician Joanna Newsom were welcomed like royalty during a layover in Dubai on the way to their honeymoon. The reason for it, however, was a bit misguided; they thought he was Andrew Garfield.

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