Don’t Flip Out After Reading These Crazy Dolphin Facts

For most of us, the closest we’ll ever get to a real-live dolphin is at an aquarium or on vacation. If you’re lucky enough to ever swim with the dolphins, it can be a magical experience, but it doesn’t really give you a complete idea of what this majestic animal is capable of.

Fill your blowhole with these crazy dolphin facts, and join let us know at the end how surprised you were to find out how much like us they really are!


1. They Know How To Use Tools!


Dolphins are among the few animals that have been observed using tool, just like us. Although they don’t have hands like primates, they’ve been known to use broken pieces of coral to protect their noses while hunting and scavenging. So yeah, dolphins make battle armor out of their surroundings. Pretty awesome, right?


2. You Can Tell How Old They Are By Their Teeth


If you cut a tree and count the rings on the stump, you can tell how old a tree is. The same method can be used for determining how old a dolphin is. They constantly grow new layers of teeth, so older dolphins will have more tooth rings than younger ones.


3. They Have Names, Use Them With Each Other, And Respond To Them


Dolphins have the ability to give each other names by using different unique whistles and even use these names when they communicate. If a dolphin hears the particular whistle associated with their “name,” they’ll respond. They can even hear and recognize each other over a phone. We would have loved to see that experiment.


4. Male Dolphins Bring Their Lady Flowers, Just Like Us

Michelle Bender

The image of a male presenting flowers to a prospective mate is usually associated with humans trying to get a second date. Dolphins actually practice the same technique by taking bouquets of weeds and sticks to female dolphins they’re interested in. Typically, males are the ones presenting the gifts. However, females also like to spoil their dolphin boyfriends every once in a while!

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