10 Diet Tips That Will Work For You Because Science Says So


Face it. We’ve all had to diet at one point or another. We’ve tried the fad diets, the celebrity-promoted diets, and just about everything in between. With dieting comes trial and error, and you’ve surely fallen victim to the myths out there, so much so that it’s hard to know which diet tips actually work.

Well, these 10 have a solid backing thanks to science, so why not give them a try?


1. Drink Water


By now, you know that drinking water is essential to your daily life, whether you’re dieting or not. But did you know that studies have shown that drinking water can boost your metabolism by up to 30 percent?

Not only should you stay hydrated throughout the day, but you should also be drinking water with each meal.


2. Cut Back On Refined Carbs


How many times have you heard this one? Well, it’s actually scientifically proven to work. Eating carbs (like white bread and pasta) can cause a spike in blood sugar which can lead to hunger and cravings. Do you know what that means? You’re going to be hungry more frequently and you’re probably going to eat stuff that isn’t good for you.


3. Use A Smaller Plate


This seems like a myth when you think about it: Using a smaller plate makes your brain think that you’re eating more food than you actually are. Well, science tells us that this little bit of personal reverse psychology actually works!

Something else that also works is snacking between meals — that is, if you’re choosing healthy snacks.


4. Munch On Healthy Snacks


Gone are the days where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the only meals you should be focusing on. Studies show that eating small, healthy snacks every couple of hours is actually better for your overall health — and your metabolism.

If you get hungry, try snacking on raw, unsalted almonds, avocado slices, an apple, or a yogurt between meals.

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