After World War I, This Man Proposed Draining The Sea To Create A Super-Continent, And The Plan Doesn’t Sound Half Bad At First

5. His Idea May Have Shifted Fresh Water To The Desert, Creating A Super-Continent Breadbasket

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A shocking potential result of the plan would be the creation of a central waterway in Africa, which would have enabled shipping and commerce in a desolate geographic region. Lake Chad in Africa, which has shrunk as much as 95% since 1963, would have been artificially transformed into the Chad Sea under Sorgel’s plan.

The potential benefits of the combined supercontinent were insufficient to overcome the perceived problems with the plan, however.


6. Sorgel’s Plan Was Overly Ambitious, Costly, And Likely Impossible


The engineering feat required to execute the plan is mind-boggling even a century later. It has been estimated that there wasn’t even enough concrete in existence to build all of the proposed dams, such as the 100-mile span from Tunisia to Italy. Even if the materials were available, how would they handle relocating the French Riviera?


7. Although The Plan Was Popular With Germans, Other European Towns Wanted To Keep Their Beaches


Who could imagine Venice, Italy without its iconic gondola-specked canals? Sorgel’s plan would effectively erase the Adriatic Sea that feeds the¬†watery city. Other major coastal cities balked at the plan and the dried up seabed vistas it promised. Curious minds wondered, what good would this muddy new land be, anyway?


8. Dried Salty Mud Might Not Have Been Ideal For Farming

Bharat Ranjan

Many questioned if this land bonus would be good for anything. The receded sea would leave salt flats, like those in found in deserts, and not good, arable land. The salt crusts are dangerous and often flimsily cover quagmires and other treacherous spots, and there is even more potential danger that the evaporation could have caused.

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