After World War I, This Man Proposed Draining The Sea To Create A Super-Continent, And The Plan Doesn’t Sound Half Bad At First

9. Evaporating The Mediterranean Could Have Caused A Global Climate Disaster

Columbia University

The Gulf Stream’s warm air current flows atop the Atlantic Ocean and insulates northern Europe from the chill of the Arctic. Some believe that the natural state of the Mediterranean is in equilibrium with this pattern, and a drastic change in the sea could alter the Gulf Stream’s path. If this were true, Sorgel’s Germany might have had a frostier response to the plan.


10. Ultimately The Plan Was A Failed Dream Based In Imperialistic Overreach

Encyclopedia Britannica

Sorgel’s solution to the perceived problems in post-war Europe was to engage in the type of colonialism that stirred enmity and war in the first place. His ideas eventually inspired Hitler’s Germany in its failed attempt to dominate Europe. Even when it’s in the name of cheap energy, a dictator’s land-grabbing is never a good idea.

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