This Famous Smoking, Drinking BEAR Was Also A Soldier In WWII Who Saw Combat

On April 8, 1942, the Polish Army’s 22nd Transport Company’s Artillery Division was traveling from Iran to Palestine. The last thing they expected to find was a baby bear.

That bear went on to become a smoking, drinking, machine gun-toting war hero and legend. We know this sounds insane, but it’s 100% true. Come see!


1. Fate Brings Them Together

Polish Institute

The Polish soldiers who found the baby bear had recently been released from a brutal Siberian prison camp. Their first mission was to head to Iran. There, they formed into the Polish Second Army Corps.

While marching through Iran, they stumbled upon a small boy carrying a cloth sack. Then, they noticed the sack was moving.


2. We Bought A Bear

Polish Institute

The infant bear was severely malnourished. It was tough times, so the boy carrying him wasn’t much better off. The soldiers offered to buy the bear with some of their supplies. The boy happily agreed.

It was obvious that the bear needed immediate attention if it was going to survive. Acting quickly, the soldiers made a makeshift nursing bottle and hoped for the best.


3. The Soldiers Nurse The Cub Back To Health

Polish Institute

For the next few days, the soldiers pulled for the bear’s recovery. The bear cub represented hope for them. He was also an excellent distraction from the horrors of war. After a week of rest and food, the baby bear looked like he was going to pull through.

Now the soldiers needed to choose a name for their unconventional brother in arms.


4. They Named Him Wajtek

Polish Institute

The Middle East is a hot place for a growing bear. While in Palestine, Wajtek was always thirsty. He needed all the refreshments he could find. Over the summer months, Wajtek got creative. He taught himself how to break into the communal showers and turn them on. Wajtek got so good at it that he caused a few water shortages. You’d think they’d be upset with him. Instead, they completely embraced his brand of shenanigans.

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