What Happens When You Just Search ‘IDunno’ On Twitter? You’d Be Surprised

Welcome to idunno.com. The site’s new, but the domain name itself was registered over 20 years ago! The internet knows everything. From Barbara Bush’s birthday to Oprah’s net worth to the color of your favorite socks, it knows.

But, sometimes, you don’t know. Sometimes, you’re spoiled for choice and don’t know where to look. But fret not, weary traveler, because the internet knows that, too. Here are 20 weird things that pop up when you search “idunno.”


1. The Tears Come Hard


If you don’t know what you don’t know to the point where you don’t know why you’re crying, maybe it’s best for you to take a break from not knowing. Ya know?

So mop up your tears and buckle up: #6 will surely brighten your mood.


2. Cringe Face


The internet can lead you to some foul, foul places. So, when “idunno”-ing, proceed with caution. Otherwise, you might end up with a face like this girl.

What she saw exactly is hard to tell. Maybe it was Donald Trump’s Twitter account or the announcement that McDonald’s canceled their orders of Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce. Regardless, her fate is truly tragic.


3. “Made In Russia”


Speaking of our President, this Russian doll set of the Donald’s face is truly one of the most “idunno” things on this list.

What’s even more curious is that the bottom has an imprinting that reads “Made in Russia.” Conspiracy!? No, probably not, but it sure is a neat coincidence.


4. Essay Struggles


So the deadline for your 8-page paper on gender politics in multimedia is due tomorrow morning, but you oddly feel great about your chances. You feel like your essay can truly make a difference in the world, that it can make sense of issues dividing humans everywhere.

Then you start writing and, well… at least you tried.

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