Do You Hate Exercise? That Just Means You’re Smart, According To This Study

It’s a new year — meaning it’s time to jump on any New Year’s resolutions you have up your sleeve. This is a popular time to make some health promises, but we all know that’s easier said than done.


Many people decide to finally follow-through with their fitness goals and hit the gym for a healthy start, but sometimes the thought of going to the gym after work will have you running in the opposite direction.

Working Out Can Be A Major Chore

Rather run from a hoard of zombies than step on the treadmill? You may be smarter than you think.

Runnah Girl

You are definitely not alone if you find yourself skipping workouts every week, and a recent study has shown that loathing exercise may say a lot about your intellectual capabilities.

Your disdain for the stair climber is starting to make some serious sense!

A Study Shows That Those Who Hate Exercise Are Wiser

A study recently published in the Journal of Health Psychology demonstrates that people who avoid exercise just tend to use another muscle more often — their brains.

The study was conducted at Florida Gulf Coast University, and although researchers only followed 60 students, the findings were clear.


These 60 students even wore activity trackers for a week to study their fitness levels and other daily activities.

The study found that half of the students scored high when it comes to a need for intellectual stimulation, and the other half of the population scored low.

People Who Like To Think Do Not Prefer Physical Exercise

The authors of the study concluded that those who stray away from physical exercise exhibit a higher level of a trait described as “need for cognition.”

The head researcher of the study — Todd McElroy — believes that this study agrees with previous studies that assert the idea that physically-active individuals get bored easily, so they enjoy exercise as a way to occupy their time.


You may be a thinker if you believe entering the gym is a nightmare, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Try reading a good book on the treadmill to make your health goals happen — you may just crack the code!

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