Can You See The Hidden Woman? If So, You Might Be A Freakin’ Genius

On top of producing amazing works of art, Jorg Dusterwald is apparently a mind wizard as well. To wit, if you are able to spot the women in Jorg’s next series of photographs, science says you might be a certified genius.

These claims should come with a healthy dose of skepticism. After all, what makes these hidden women the photographic equivalent of an IQ test? Let’s explore these photos to see what the science says.


1. Camouflaged Beauty


In perhaps the most gorgeously-framed intelligence test I’ve ever seen, this photo is essentially a more artistic version of “Where’s Waldo.”

Some eagle-eyed readers have undoubtedly spotted the woman already. However, for those of you that have not, #2 will help you see just how hidden this model really is.


2. There She Is!


Dusterwald likes to hide his subjects in a sea of high-contrast shades and hues. In addition to that, he has been doing this stuff for years, so don’t feel bad if you could not immediately spot this hidden beauty.

But if you’re itching to redeem yourself, here are some more of his pieces to tide you over.


3. Autumn Scenery


In this photo set, Dusterwald wears his love for autumn on his sleeve. While this photo is definitely easier to solve than the previous one (the model is positioned leaning up against the tree), sources still claim that spotting this woman is a sign of a high IQ.

Why is this, exactly? #8 offers a theory that tips its hat to one of nature’s most shy creatures.


4. In Plain Sight


If you didn’t manage to spot the model in the last photo, this one should be a softball. If you simply follow the upper edge of the stone wall, it is nearly impossible to miss the curves of the leaf-painted model.

If the last few have been too easy for some, don’t worry: this next one ramps up the difficulty.

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