All The Pretty Horses: They Say It Takes A High IQ To Spot All The Horses In These Paintings

Artists see the world differently, and many of them leave coded messages and easter eggs in their work to reward viewers with a curious eye.

The following paintings require a bit more than mere curiosity to decode, though. For this, you’re going to need all the brain power you can muster. These two paintings have gone viral with a claim that only people with a high IQ can see what’s hidden in the brush strokes.

But do you really need a high IQ to spot the secrets in these paintings? Let’s take a look.


1. Paint It Black

Bev Doolittle

As a teenager, artist Bev Doolittle became hooked on painting. In high school, she earned a scholarship to the Art Center College of Design. After meeting her future husband in school, she started working as an art director in the city. Disenchanted with city living, Bev quit the job to become closer to nature.


2. If I Were A Painting

Bev Doolittle

What makes Bev’s art stand out most is her usage of the camouflage technique. This method allows the viewer to see more than one thing in her paintings. Saxophonist Paul Winter used her artwork for his Grammy-winning album Prayer For The Wild Things, which is named after her painting.


3. Beer For My Horses

Bev Doolittle

One of Bev’s most beloved paintings is called Pintos, which was created in 1979. According to Greenwich Workshop, the painter witnessed a group of horses staring at her. This inspired her to camouflage them within the snowy setting.

Can you spot all of the horses in this painting? Take a minute and look closely. We’ll let you know how many horses there are next.


4. All The King’s Horses

Bev Doolittle

Five horses can be seen in this glorious painting. A handful of people have somehow spotted more hidden in the scenery. Just like the rest of her prints, Pintos constantly sells out in art stores across the country.

Did you spot all five? If not, we’ve got another painting up next to give you a second chance.

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