All The Pretty Horses: They Say It Takes A High IQ To Spot All The Horses In These Paintings

9. An Intriguing Setting

Jim Warren

Many people probably wouldn’t have guessed this location. It may be a clever outline, but it still counts towards the horse count. The sun peeking out with the bird flying overhead gives it a nice touch.

The final two horses in this piece are the most difficult to uncover.


10. Flip The Switch

Jim Warren

In order to uncover one horse, you must flip the painting upside down. The final horse isn’t on the actual painting, but it left something behind. Those footprints belong to a horse that previously visited the area. Some people might be fooled into believing those belong to the visible stallion on the painting.

You might not need a high IQ to see all the horses in these paintings. Just a little patience and abstract thinking should do.

How long did it take you to see all the horses in these paintings?

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