Hiker Finds Terrifying Cabin In The Woods And Is Haunted By What He Finds Inside

The crisp fall air has motivated some people to take advantage of one last hike before the snow starts to fall, and that’s exactly what Reddit user SeaDug decided to do.

While vacationing in Colorado, this man decided to go for an exploratory hike in the woods. Might as well get a little exercise and a breath of fresh air, he thought. Little did he know, he would stumble onto something straight out of a nightmare!


As he strolled through the woods, he came to an open clearing with an old building sitting there. At first, he didn’t think much of it. It was likely just a building that had been abandoned long ago before some kids decided to vandalize it. What he discovered inside it made him think that something much more sinister had happened there…

Braver than most, SeaDug decided to have a little adventure and creep through the house. As he walked inside, he was immediately confronted with a cross hanging on the wall. Not so sinister, you might think. What disturbed him was the massive pentagram that had been spraypainted onto the floor, but that was only the beginning!


When he walked into the next room, he was greeted with another ghastly sight: pentagram #2!


The further he walked into the building, the more he wanted to get out of there in a hurry! It seemed to him that people had been there recently, and he wanted to get out before anyone happened to come back.


Upon leaving the building, he walked the perimeter only to see clothes and more strange graffiti littered around the property.


He shared his adventure on Reddit and commenters mentioned that it was likely just homeless people squatting in the building or kids messing around, but SeaDug couldn’t quite get the images of those pentagrams out of his head.

Do you think this was just an innocent case of vandalism or was there something more insidious at work? Tell us in the comments, and be careful on your next hike; you never know what might be lurking in the woods!

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