Historical Facts That Go Against Everything You Were Ever Told

When you were in school, history was either one of your favorite subjects or one you dreaded, with pretty much no in-between. Who cares about what a bunch of old dead people did, amirite?

But whether you adored or despised it, pretty much all of us got an education that left out some key historical facts that completely blow the narrative to pieces.

We’ve dug through old textbooks to uncover 10 facts about history that will completely blow your mind. Make sure to bring them up if you spot your history teacher at your next high school reunion!


1. A Fatal Procedure

Harris Brisbane Dick Fund

You could expect to see a plethora of injuries during the Civil War. Because of the rising number of battered soldiers, doctors were unable to fully tend to their ailments. Those with broken limbs were forced to have them amputated. This procedure came with a price; over 80% of amputations led to death.


2. In This Diary

Heather Cowper

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most important pieces of literature studied in American schools. Frank’s father Otto took it upon himself to edit the original copy to censor some of her remarks. In 1995, a version with the removed material was released, and it kind of paints a different picture of the story.


3. Ape Can’t Trust Man

Martin Fisch

Before Planet of the Apes was a thing, biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov wanted to create a human/monkey hybrid of his own. In the 1920s, Ivanov attempted to form a humanzee by using artificial insemination. While the experiment was a complete failure, other scientists have tried to bring this creature to life.


4. Key In The Mailbox

Ssgt D. Myles Cullen

Saddam Hussein brought terror to the people in Iraq. Before the bloodshed, one American city decided to honor him with the keys to their city. In 1980, Detroit gave Hussein the key after one of their churches received $250,000 from the dictator.

One pioneer had their celebration go bad in a heartbeat.

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