The Biggest Names In Hollywood Who Never Actually Went To School For Acting


A good actor has the distinct ability to make us suspend our disbelief for a couple of hours. Most actors receive years of training from the time they are young. It takes persistence, determination, and a good education in pretending to be other people to make it in show business.

However, there is an exception to every rule (in fact, there are plenty). Here are some of the biggest actors who made it on natural ability alone.

1. Eddie Murphy’s Raw Experience

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Eddie Murphy is a true Hollywood success story. Eddie and his brother Charlie grew up in foster homes. To pass the time, Eddie practiced stand-up comedy in the 8th grade, before being cast on Saturday Night Live at 19-years-old without formal training.

His success can be compared to another famous sketch comedian later on.


2. Funny And Funnier

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After In Living Color, Jim Carrey became Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. His own brand of slapstick comedy is something he developed naturally as a young boy. Carrey credits his father for his outstanding sense of humor.

His lack of acting lessons even led to a part the Batman film franchise, much like one of the latest men to portray the Caped Crusader.


3. American Psycho Or American Dream?

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Christian Bale received no formal acting training. The English actor was discovered at a very young age when he was selected for a role in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun at age 13. His musical abilities led to a leading role in the Disney musical Newsies.

Bale found a lot in common with this Dark Knight co-star.


4. 10 Things I Love About Heath

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Heath Ledger’s tragic death was a tough blow to his fans. His portrayal of the Joker earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, which was accepted by his parents and sister. The risk he took to pursue acting right out of school paid off big time.

The same goes for his good friend and fellow Academy Award-winner.

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