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    Can We Really Fire The President? The 25th Amendment, Explained

    Regardless of how you cast your ballot in 2016, I think all of us, Democrat and Republican alike, can admit that President Trump has been controversial. Ever since that fateful moment when former President Barack Obama said that Trump would never be president, the real estate tycoon has surprised the media and the public at […] More

  • itch

    Why The Heck Do We Itch? Science Has An Idea

    No matter what challenges life brings you on the daily, nothing derails absolutely everything quite like an itch. Sure it’s obnoxious, but why do we do it at all? Is there a biological benefit, or is it just one of those quirky evolutionary things science can’t explain? Well, scientists aren’t entirely sure. What they do […] More

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    The (Insanely Gory) True Story Of Braveheart’s Robert The Bruce

    It’s no secret that Hollywood has a tendency to exaggerate the truth. After all, the purpose of movies is typically to entertain, not to teach. For this reason, it’s not usually the case that movies downplay the drama of reality. When it comes to the brutal tale of Robert the Bruce, however,¬†Braveheart did just that. […] More