Are Homeopathic Remedies Scientific? We’re Looking At 10 Popular Alternative Treatments

Homeopathic remedies continue to grow in popularity despite there being little to no evidence to support their claims. According to the general theory behind the practice, if you feel sick, you should take a minuscule dose of something that mimics your symptoms on a smaller scale. Have a headache? Take something that creates mild tension in your head.

This is similar to the concept behind vaccines… the difference being a complete lack of scientific backing. The FDA has recently decided to pursue regulations against homeopathic treatments. Get ready to investigate some of the strangest remedies ever concocted.


1. Treat Your Child’s Ear Infection By Listening To Their Cry

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

We all know ear infections are the worst. According to homeopathic medicine, you should pay close attention to how your kid is crying. If their cry is loud and violent, treat with chamomilla. Diluted belladonna works excellent for rapid onsets of ear pain. And, of course, if your child has sweats and chills, Hepar sulphuris should do the trick.

Symptoms this acute can’t be treated retroactively with herbal remedies. Ear infections can result in permanent hearing loss. It takes a lot of trust to stick something in your child’s ear with so much on the line. You have to be even more trusting to shove homeopathic meds in this orifice.


2. You Want Me To Put That Where?


Homeopathy seems to have a miracle cure for everything. The next time you hurt your eye, you might feel the urge to go see a doctor, but forget that. Just dump some arnica in your eye. It cures eye pain, apparently.

Problem is, arnica is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but not known for its medical-grade sterility. At least this remedy uses real herbs. The next treatment “sucks.”


3. Harnessing The Power Of Your Favorite Household Appliance

Pixabay / jarmoluk

Nope, not a toaster. According to some homeopathic practitioners from the 1950s, you can bottle the suctioning power of a vacuum to treat the flu. It’ll suck the virus right out of you (I recommend Dyson).

Basic common sense debunks this quack-job of a theory. Just be sure to distill the “suction” in alcohol first and administer at low concentration. Otherwise, the healing power will blow right by you. Speaking of blowing, the next time airborne allergies are hassling you, try this quick fix.


4. Sounds Like Your Eyes, Ears, And Throat Could Use Some…

Pexels / Nita

Allium cepa, Euphrasia, sabadilla, nux vomica, arundo? When the spring winds waft the pollen your way, you have a lot of homeopathic remedies to turn to for relief. Use Allium cepa for a burning discharge from your nose. If you’re coughing up phlegm and your allergies are worse indoors, reach for some Euphrasia.

Euphrasia wasn’t thoroughly investigated until 1999. No evidence exists to support that it can reduce histamine production and alleviate an allergic response.

You’d think that homeopathic medicine would have some limits to what it can treat. Think again.

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