Are Homeopathic Remedies Scientific? We’re Looking At 10 Popular Alternative Treatments

5. Step One: Roll Ankle, Step Two: Take Bryonia

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Jumping, spinning, and pivoting are all good and fun until something goes wrong. The next time you catch yourself slipping, treat your injury the homeopathic way. If you dare, reach for a nice cold bottle of Bryonia. According to homeopathic practitioners, it treats severe sprains that make you cringe upon movement.

Hopefully we don’t have to convince too many of you that a sprain requires a doctor’s touch first, especially if it’s actually more like a hairline fracture or possibly a broken bone. Once you get cleared, go ahead and rub whatever you want on it if you think it works, but don’t skip the doctor step.

When homeopathic medicine is your only option, just be thankful you don’t have the following problem to treat. Gnarly!


6. Sperm Whale Intestine, Anyone?

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Some hardcore homeopaths harvest the intestinal lining of sperm whales. According to homeopathic medicine, the intestinal lining works wonders for calming chronic anxiety.

Whale oil has been extremely valuable for thousands of centuries for use in perfumes and pharmaceuticals. No scientific evidence exists to support sperm whale intestine’s ability to treat anxiety.

At least with this remedy, they’re bottling up something that can actually be bottled. The creators of the following treatment were a little “spaced out” when they whipped it up.


7. Alleviate Chest Tightness With Distilled Star Power


You can thank Rowan Jackson and astronomer Peter Liscomb for this doozy. They outdid themselves when they pointed a telescope at the Cygnus constellation. First, they attached a vial of alcohol at the end of the telescope. Twenty followers of homeopathy, called “provers,” took the treatment after the alcohol had “absorbed” the stars’ powers. The provers must have felt a little blue when they took it, and nothing happened. The color that’s used in the next remedy is guaranteed to make you feel the same way.


8. Treat Your Sore Throat With A Cool Color


Color therapy is a real phenomenon and can be used to drive sales in marketing or calm down violent inmates. But did you know that the color blue can heal your tired speaking voice? According to some practitioners of homeopathy, it does so by stimulating the thyroid gland.

While there are proven ways to affect the thyroid, looking at a color isn’t one of them. Homeopathy gets even weirder when it suggests treating this painful condition based according to your personality.

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