Are Homeopathic Remedies Scientific? We’re Looking At 10 Popular Alternative Treatments

9. Shy People Get Different Type Of Ulcers Than Outgoing People?

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Homeopathic medicine has about a million remedies for ulcers. Hey, if you keep throwing meds at the body, eventually one will stick. Arsenicum album, Kali bichromicum, Mercurius corrosivus, Mercurius solubilis, Natrum phosphoricum, Nux vomica, Robinia, take your pick. Your choice will depend not on your stomach pain, but on your personality.

Huh? This is the kind of logic you’d expect from physicians in the 1700’s, which is exactly when this treatment was first suggested. The next pseudo-science remedy “sounds” like it comes from the same era.


10. The “F” Note Will “F” You Up, In A Good Way

Pixabay / matuska

The “F” note in music can do more than just soothe your ears, according to homeopathic medicine. It can also improve heart health. You heard right. Play it loud. It’s suggested that the “F” note is especially appropriate for treating pulmonary and cardiac edema. It can also help with a weakened spirit and inner conflict.

While music does warm the soul, it can’t heal the heart. Talk to your doctor instead. These were just a few samples of what homeopathic therapy (thinks it) has to offer. Experiment at your own risk.

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