Why Hyperloop Is Awesome, And How We Benefit From It Even If It Never Happens

Transportation is changing constantly all around us. New technological innovations are affecting everything in our lives like the way we communicate or buy groceries, and how we get from point A to point B is no different. One of the more interesting things in development is Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, and even if this radical new transportation method never becomes part of our daily lives, it’s still changing transportation in other, exciting ways.


1. Hyperloop Can Take You 350 miles in 35 minutes

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Consider a hypothetical 6-hour car ride. Via Hyperloop, this same trip would only take about 35 minutes, which gives you an idea of the kinds of speeds we’re talking about. Travelling across the country, even the continent, could be no longer than your morning commute! This alone could change the world in more ways than one.


2. It’s Self-Sufficient

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Hyperloop would use solar panels to power the air compressors needed to push pods through the tubes. The solar panels would be installed right on top of the tubes and even on the cloudiest of days when it feels as though you’ll never see the glorious sun again, you’d still be able to get enough solar energy to keep the Hyperloop running.


3. Not Quite Faster Than The Speed Of Light, But Pretty Fast

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Hyperloop works by using a system of tubes that quickly transport pods powered by air pressure. The tubes act like vacuums, and with no engines or fuel needed other than air, making it incredibly efficient and keeping pollution to an absolute minimum. Imagine taking a trip from L.A. to New York in only three hours! You just have to hop in a tube and get sucked from place to place just like the device that takes your money at the bank drive-thru.

It’s not all positive, though…


4. It Might Be Hard On Our Bodies

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Our bodies can only handle a certain amount of speed, so when designing something that can reach up to 800 mph, engineers have to be careful. The design of the Hyperloop has to be a straight line and can have no curvatures so as to ensure that people wouldn’t be puking their guts up the entire time they were on the Hyperloop.

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