Why Hyperloop Is Awesome, And How We Benefit From It Even If It Never Happens

5. It Would Be Immune To Dangerous Weather Conditions


Snow, rain, ice, and hail all can prevent transportation from operating properly. Who hasn’t had one of their flights delayed because of some form of precipitation? Hyperloop wouldn’t rely on clear tracks or low wind to make its destinations, making it one of the safest and most reliable forms of transportation.

But there are still dangers…


6. If Disaster Struck, It Would Be Catastrophic


Although Hyperloop sounds great so far, everything has a negative to consider. If an accident were to occur, such as an earthquake or an outside crash, the consequences would be dire. The speed the pod is traveling would basically make it like a large bullet, and would basically liquefy everyone inside the pod and do untold damage whatever it may hit.


7. There’s Still A Lot To Work Out And We Might Never See It

Instagram/Hyperloop One

This is a billion dollar project, and there’s a good chance we’ll never see it happen in our lifetime. Funding aside, there are a lot of regulations to go through in order to ensure Hyperloop is safe for our use. Then you have to actually get people on board and wanting to use this type of transportation.

Still, even if it never happens, Hyperloop is helping us innovate transportation in other ways.


8. It Still Helps Spark Innovation In All Kinds Of Transportation


The work being put into Hyperloop is proving its worth in other areas of transportation already. Hyperloop uses a form of levitation in the rail system, and research into how it works is already changing the way we use trains. Even if engineers don’t use the entire design of Hyperloop, they’re still using important and innovative parts.

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