Why Hyperloop Is Awesome, And How We Benefit From It Even If It Never Happens

9. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Are Creating Fake Window Views


Traveling at the speeds Hyperloop is capable of means you wouldn’t really be able to look out the window and enjoy the scenery without throwing up. You’d also be inside a tube and unable to go anywhere, so it might be panic-inducing for some. As a way to alleviate some of the stress that would come along with traveling in a vacuum tube, engineers are creating fake windows that would show you scenic views you might normally see outside a train.


10. They’re Also Creating “Vibranium”

Instagram/Hyperloop One

In order to ensure that Hyperloop¬†is strong and resistant to damage, the engineers of this project are working on a substance they’re calling “Vibranium.” Yep, it’s named after the material in Black Panther’s armor as well as Captain America’s shield. It’s a carbon fiber that’s strong, light and can even generate data. It could change the way we armor all of our transportation.

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