This ‘Impossible’ Riddle Is Driving The Internet Crazy. Can You Solve It?

Riddles are a great way to serve up a challenge. They can also cause you to scream bloody murder at your computer. This riddle has become a viral sensation, and if you’re up for the challenge, you can try to solve it, too!

The question of the day is this:

“If Teresa’s daughter is my daughter’s mother, what am I to Teresa?”

Think about it for a second. If you can’t solve it right away, let’s work it out together.


1. Grandmother’s Garden

José Murilo Junior

At first, we concluded that you would be Teresa’s grandmother. Wait. That wouldn’t make any sense, would it? We’ll have to toss this selection in the “maybe” pile for now.

This is only the beginning, folks, so get comfortable. Thankfully, there are more choices for this puzzling question.


2. Mother Like Mine

Dustin Senger

On second thought, they can be describing their own mother, also named Teresa. That seems a bit unlikely, don’t you think? Don’t panic just yet. There are a few more options coming your way.

Speaking of parenting, it’s entirely possible that the best answer to this riddle is up next…


3. My Little Girl


You could be Teresa’s own daughter, possibly. Even with three solid choices so far, there’s no telling which can be the correct one. We’re nearing the end of these options, so let’s keep going.

Is this what you guessed first? Or maybe you guessed something else…


4. Granddaughter’s Love


Could you be Teresa’s granddaughter? It’s definitely possible, but we’re still not convinced. This is way more difficult that we ever thought, but we’ll get to the truth. How are you holding up?

There’s one more possibility here, but we’re not sure the riddle is this clever…

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