This ‘Impossible’ Riddle Is Driving The Internet Crazy. Can You Solve It?

5. Me, Myself, And I

Paval Hadzinski

In a wild twist, maybe you are Teresa, Inception-style. With all of the choices unveiled, this one looks to be a complete doozy. We’re hoping that you’ve put all of the pieces together.

We mentioned early on that this riddle is going viral thanks to how difficult it is to solve. How’s the internet doing with this stumper?


6. Ball Of Confusion

Alessandro Augusto Lucia

Much like the popular “What color is the dress?” debacle, many people are simply confused about what the answer might be. The debate has been going on for weeks, with most commenters offering suggestions like the ones we covered above.

But not everyone agreed on the answer. Then one major hint changed the entire landscape.


7. A New Revelation

University of the Fraser Valley

Buzzfeed staff member Ryan Schocket figured out the answer… sort of. He simply replaced “my daughter’s mother” with “me.” The altered question of “If Teresa’s daughter is me, what am I to Teresa?” If this is sound, it means you are Teresa’s daughter.

But that’s a huge assumption, Ryan. What other possibilities are there?


8. The Great Debate

The U.S. Army

While that seems to be the right answer, some on the Internet vehemently disagree. On Mental Floss’ Facebook page, people went absolutely crazy in the comments section. One wrote, “The reason it is hard is that it makes you guess at the missing pieces.”

But there might be a twist to this whole thing.

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