Meet Julie D’Aubigny, The Bisexual Duelist Who Could Fight Three Men At A Time, And Whose Story Is 100% True

The life of Julie D’Aubigny is a violently passionate story of a female fencer on a quest for something she doesn’t quite understand until it’s too late. Her natural beauty masked a mischievous nature, and she exploited her own talents for malicious gain.

What you’re about to read is one of the most intense tragedies ever written, and no, it’s not 17th-century romance. This is an actual, historical, 100% true account of the life of one of the most badass women to have ever lived.


1. Setting The Scene

Julie D’Aubigny was born in Paris, France in the year 1673.

As a young girl, she’d follow her dad to work where he’d train the court pages of royal households how to fence.

She became so interested in fencing, her father allowed her to dress up as a boy to develop her skill alongside the royals he was training, but it didn’t last long.


2. Married Too Young

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At the all-too-young age of 14, Julie was forced to marry an older man who, lucky for her, was sent off to work in southern France soon after they’d wed.

Julie remained in Paris where she met another fellow who happened to be the assistant to one of her town’s most famous fencing masters.

When her new love interest accidentally killed his opponent in a duel, the two of them fled south together. Fencing became their means for survival.


3. Drunken Duels


They kept on their journey by dueling one another in taverns. Julie would dress up as a man and fence her boyfriend to song, and people would throw money at them.

She soon became tired of this beau, just as the first. For her next relationship, she decided to try something a little different.

A woman.


4. The Convent


When Julie’s new love interest started reciprocating her attraction, she was sent away to live with nuns to be cleansed of her desire for women.

Julie wouldn’t allow her girlfriend to be taken, so she trailed her to the convent. Soon after she arrived, the two came up with a devious plan for escape.

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