Meet Julie D’Aubigny, The Bisexual Duelist Who Could Fight Three Men At A Time, And Whose Story Is 100% True

5. The Fire Escape


When an older nun died that night, Julie broke into the barracks, hid the nun’s dead body in her love interest’s bed and set it on fire.

The room went up in flames.

Julie burned the entire convent down. She knew her sentence would be death by fire if caught, so the two fled.

Despite going to such extreme measures for love, the two eventually broke up. Julie returned to Paris, but something crazy happened on her journey back.


6. Blood And Romance


A man insulted her during her travels back, so she challenged him to a duel. Julie won, though she ended up having a soft spot for the man in the end. Though she drove a sword clear through his shoulder during their duel, she felt so horrible about it that she ended up sleeping with him.

Their romance might have lasted only a night, but he became Julie’s greatest ally for the rest of her life. She continued back to Paris and her new friend finished up his military duties before seeing her again.


7. Come To The Opera


Shortly after returning to Paris, Julie joined the opera. Along with her talent for fencing, she also had a very beautiful voice. She traveled as a performer for awhile, having many relationships with both men and women.

Julie was known for her beauty, but also her rage. One night after rehearsals, she kissed a woman in front of everyone and three men felt the need to jump her. They challenged her to a duel.

She beat them all at once, but forgot fencing was against the law in Paris and had to flee yet again.


8. Retreat To Brussels


She was pursued by law enforcement and eventually found herself hiding in Brussels, where she decided to maintain a low profile and try out a less… exciting lifestyle. When she felt she had tempered herself enough, she returned to the opera and traveled with them for several more years.

Believe it or not, promiscuous Julie eventually settled down.

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