Meet Julie D’Aubigny, The Bisexual Duelist Who Could Fight Three Men At A Time, And Whose Story Is 100% True

9. The Loss That Ended Her Life


When Julie finally decided to settle down and remain faithful, the woman she pledged her love to contracted a fatal disease and passed away.

Julie did not recover from that loss and retreated to live in a convent.

She spent her last days on earth walking the very halls she had once burned to the ground.


10. The End

Without a known cause, Julie D’Aubigny died at the young age of 33.

If she has a grave, no one has ever seen it.

Some feel sorrowful when reading Julie’s story, because after a hard life of brawls and broken hearts, she finally found happiness and love and it was all taken from her, making for one of the purest tragedies ever told.

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