10 Of The Laziest Christmas Light Displays We’ve Ever Seen

Each year, millions of people hang Christmas lights on their homes. Some do an outstanding job, while others clearly phone it in. Regardless of how much you love the holiday season, sometimes hanging Christmas light is more of a hassle than it’s worth.

Here are 10 of the laziest Christmas light decorations you’ll ever see. While some appear to be works of¬†genius, others are downright embarrassing!


1. Using The Grinch To Get Away With It


We’re not sure this can even be classified as “lazy,” since it’s borderline genius. If you don’t want to string lights up on your whole house, simply add the Grinch to your lawn decor and voila! He “steals” the lights — and saves you from having to be up on the ladder for a long period of time.


2. “What He Said”

Funky Junk

Perhaps you know what it’s like to play second fiddle to your neighbor. You know, that one family that just does everything right every single season. Well, this guy had the right idea. Maybe he had good intentions of getting up a festive Christmas light scene, but since his neighbor did it already, he made his point.


3. This Almost Looks Like Too Much Effort

They Say It’s My Life Blog

Hanging Christmas lights on trees can be difficult, but this seems like it was actually more work than it was worth. Stringing lights up on branches and then anchoring them in the ground in random places doesn’t seem all that logical. But hey, it worked for these people.

Speaking of working for these people, this next person also made things work.


4. Let’s Just Drape These Like So

HG Do It Yourself

Not a lot of people have the creative genius that it takes to properly position Christmas lights and anchor them appropriately along the roof of the house. So, if the lights work, might as well just get a bunch and let them fall wherever they may. As long as they light up, that’s all that matters, right?

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