There’s This Mysterious Black Hole ‘String’ At The Center Of The Galaxy And Scientists Are Stumped

In recent months, astronomers have released exclusive, never-before-seen photos depicting a phenomenon that has yet to be completely understood. The object at the focus of the snapshot looks for all the world like a small string, though it is actually large enough to span 2.3 light years.

Adding to the mystery of the thread is its location: suspiciously close to the supermassive black hole at the center of our native Milky Way galaxy.

Unidentified Floating Object

Wikimedia Commons

The stringy filament itself is nothing new — astronomers were first made aware of its existence in 2012. In the five years since we discovered the object, we have learned surprisingly little about its origins, purpose, or even simply its inherent nature.

These most recent pictures provide brand-new insight regarding its location, a detail which has the potential to lead us to even more discoveries in the galaxy beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Journey to the Center of the Universe


While scientists still have yet to uncover exactly what the galactic thread is, they plan on using these photographs to accumulate as much information as possible on the freaky phenomenon.

Knowing that it seems to fall near the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy helps, but there is still much more to discover. Fortunately, a devoted-yet-small research team plans on using high-tech image analysis methods (along with the help of data from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory) to do just that.

Picture Perfect

Public Domain Pictures

The research group has already made strides in cleaning up the image in order to get a closer look at the filament and its surroundings. To the casual observer, the image may still look like a scene in a demonic horror film with a seemingly-insignificant strand of thread running through the center of it.

To scientists, that strand of thread represents an infinite number of possibilities.

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