Are You A Night Owl? Science Says You Are More Intelligent And Creative

Everyone’s sleep schedule varies ever so slightly. Although many people like to call it an early night in preparation for their morning commute, some of us can’t seem to hit the sheets before the wee hours of the morning.


Although staying up late and sleeping in have been associated with laziness for generations, a recent study shows that this theory is far from the truth.

Your odd sleep schedule may signal that your intelligence and creativity are top-notch.

Night Owls Have Greater Brain Power

A study conducted by psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa studied the sleeping habits of 20,745 children from 80 high schools and 50 middle schools to see if there is a correlation between a person’s sleeping habits and their intelligence.


All of the student subjects took an intelligence test at the beginning of the study. Kanazawa re-interviewed 15,197 of the students five years later and recorded when they woke up and went to bed every day of the week.

The compiled research revealed that going to bed late directly correlated with a high level of intelligence.

Staying Up Late Can Be Crucial To Creativity

Going to bed late at night can contribute to the birth of creative ideas.

A study conducted at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Miami, Florida discovered that night owls are more creative than those who are most productive in the morning or afternoon.


Focusing on your work at night “may encourage the development of a non-conventional spirit and of the ability to find alternative and original solutions,” according to Professor Marina Giampietro at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

Whatever time you decide to call it a day, make sure to work when your energy is at its peak. Working when you feel the most inspired — and refreshed — can allow you to do your best work and get stuff done.

Night owls may have the right idea after all — even at an odd hour.

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