Nine Ways Parents Can Turn Their Kids Into Successful Adults

Every parent wants to see their kid(s) have a better life than they did when they grow up. Though it can seem like kids these days are a lot different than you were, there are some key things studies have shown every parent can do to prepare their kids for success as an adult, and a better life.

Before we jump into all of that, let’s get one major distraction out of the way.


1. Put The Phone Down

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Smartphones tend to distract everyone these days. While you want to keep in touch with your child, the device can lead to severe problems. A research group at Rikkyo University found that increased use of smartphones can lead to a shorter sleep schedule and immense distractions. For kids ages 12 and below, limit their phone time to an hour a day. For the older crowd, you’ll have to have multiple conversations in order to find the right balance.


2. No TV Party Tonight

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Most kids prefer TV to their homework, and with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu offering thousands of hours of content, it’s harder than ever to get kids away from the tube.

TV time has always been a problem when it comes to grades. Researchers at NYU Steinhardt and Université Sainte-Anne discovered that increased TV viewing can also hurt a child’s understanding of simple vocabulary.

The next thing involves a beloved pastime.


3. Game Over


Since the ’80s, video games have been linked to various problems at school. The National Children’s Bureau determined that kids who spend hours in front of the screen playing video games see a profoundly negative effect in test scores. If your kid wants to defeat the final boss of life, decrease their playing time. Around one to two hours per day is enough.


4. Gather Around The Table


Something that is a novelty in today’s society is the family dinner. Since everyone is normally away, it can lead to some personal and emotional distancing between family members. Researcher Kelly Musick says that children with regular family dinners are least likely to have substance abuse problems or struggle with depression. Their vocabulary improves as well.

Want to get your kids out of the house? There might be something to that.

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