Nine Ways Parents Can Turn Their Kids Into Successful Adults

5. Leaving On A Jet Plane


Travelling is the only way to really experience the world and get an up-close glimpse at different cultures. In order for your children to develop a more well-rounded outlook, encourage them to study abroad. Added bonus: according to journalist Carolina Guerra, studying abroad during high school gives your kid’s college application a major boost.


6. Meaningful Career Path

Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jessica L. Tounzen

A lot of kids have dreams of becoming famous or influential. Wanting to become Taylor Swift or the president of the United States is a great ambition, but encourage your kids to think practically about their career as well. You don’t want to be a dream-killer, but you have to find that balance between encouraging their ambitions and helping them develop a solid back-up plan.

While this can be a pain for them, it means so much in the long run.


7. Chores For Days


Remember when you had to take out the trash before you got dessert? As a kid, doing chores was always a struggle. Little did we know that our parents were busy shaping our future. University of Mississippi’s Marty Rossmann found that people who did chores growing up had better relationships with their friends and family.


8. Reading Is Fundamental

Neeta Lind

Reading to your children is essential for their upbringing. Scholastic’s editorial director Liza Baker states that reading to your kid from the day they are born helps build an unbreakable bond. It also aids them in achieving higher test scores in school.

Sometimes, you can’t always fight their battles for them.

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