These Positive Celebrity Stories From Twitter Range From Hilarious To Kind Of Sad

Negative stories about celebrities in the headlines lately have kind of distorted our worldview a bit. Sometimes it feels like we’re all just waiting for our favorite actor or musician to be accused.

But for every bad celebrity, there are a ton of positive ones that care for others. Twitter users took to the social media platform to share their own great encounters with celebs. We picked out 10 astonishing stories from the bunch.

When it comes to being nice, our first celeb needs no introduction.


1. Quality You Can Taste

Dick Thomas Johnson

Tom Hanks is arguably one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. While appearing on the Conan show, he delivered some In-N-Out to all of the interns. Rachel Paige, who was among the interns, stated, “He thought we looked hungry.” Many interns left the studio with their bellies full that day.


2. In A Flash

Florida Supercon

John Wesley Shipp won the hearts of many women during his time on Guiding Light and As the World Turns. While attending a con, Jessica Siler met the actor and told him about her mother’s massive crush on him. Shipp decided to surprise Jessica’s mom with a phone call.

One crime drama icon has a heart of gold.


3. Love & Order

Joella Marano

Mariska Hargitay has spent nearly 20 years with Law & Order, and she treats everyone like family. Actress Rebecca Overholt saw the Emmy winner give out hand warmers to those feeling cold on a winter day. It’s this kind of behavior that makes Hargitay such a beloved actress in primetime TV.


4. Viva La Vida

Christopher Johnson

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has toured around the world numerous times. On several stops, he visits sick kids at hospitals. While several celebrities would talk publicly about such a good deed, Martin keeps silent on it.

Let’s hope one Golden Globe-winning actor cross paths with a rising writer soon.

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